Spatial Audio in tvOS 15 Beta 1 does not work on Apple TV HD

Since I wanted to verify whether or not Spatial Audio works on the Apple TV HD (non-4k) and did not find any answer, I tried it myself. So: Current state (tvOS 15 Beta 1) is that Spatial Audio does work on Apple TV 4K, but does not work on the Apple TV HD. I set up the beta on a 4K and a HD, and while the option is offered in the AirPods settings on the 4K version, it is not on the HD.

Resolve AppleTV and iTunes Home Sharing visibility issues

There’s at least one case where I can’t confirm Apples motto “It just works!”. Since I’m using my AppleTV (2nd generation), I’m permanently experiencing problems while transmitting data between my Mac running iTunes Home Sharing and the AppleTV itself. Most of the time the Home Sharing resources are simply not visible in the AppleTV’s’ user interface. According to various Apple support items it seems I’m not the only one experiencing those problems, so here’s my solution…