My workflow for blogging on iPad

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I started my blog as a WordPress application roughly 8 years ago. Since then it evolved and technology changed. The current version is a statically generated HTML page created with Hugo. This allows me to create posts and form of markdown files and keep them under version control for future reference and parallel development of new features. But it also allows me to use almost any editor for writing blog posts. For the last few years, iA Writer is my go-to application for blog post creation on both macOS and iOS.

I recently bought an iPad Pro and I think I found my dream setup for blogging. Since the current iPadOS version leverages some great multitasking features, I can run iA Writer side-by-side with Working Copy, which is the tool I use for version control on iPad.

For creating drafts and outlining new posts I also use the speech-to-text functionality of iOS, which is actually what I’m doing right now.

Blogging on iPadOS