Building a FreeBSD NAS

After a long while I finally decided to build a new NAS / home server for my various needs. Though there are many prebuild solutions available, I chose to build one on my own as I want as much flexibility as possible. This series of posts describes how I built my new home server, both the hardware and the software parts. I use FreeBSD as a server operating system and ZFS as my file system of choice.


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Over the time I was dealing with certain aspects of FreeBSD. I think it’s a great operating system for servers given its stability and consistency that allows sane workflows and easy maintenance. Therefore I’ve written many posts on how to do this or that using FreeBSD. Down below you can find a list of all posts I’ve written about FreeBSD. This page is meant as an entrypoint for anyone interested in that topic.


Many of the applications I use are hosted on my own infrastructure. Sensitive parts on servers at home, less sensitive parts on rented cloud servers. Selfhosting not only provides great privacy, it’s also way cheaper and more flexible compared to many hosted services. I run all my infrastructure on FreeBSD and Linux and some articles may use technology that is only available on one platform or the other, so please be aware of that when reading, articles are grouped by platform below.